The argus Initiative

What is the argus Initiative?

During the Past Several Years Ohio Network of Children’s Advocacy Center (ONCAC) has Built a Substantial Data and Analytic Workflow. 
Advanced Organizational OMS
In-Depth Annual Reports
Rapid Infographic Production for Projects On-Demand

Now Discussions and Sharing with MRCAC and Neighbor State Chapters = Need Identified

Interstate Collaboration to Be Achieved

Services Available

Program Management, Database Development and Maintenance

This includes the collection, cleaning, and organization of OMS and Program/Project specific databases. This allows for long-term tracking of Chapter/Membership impact and outcomes. With continual consistent data tracking, statistical power increases allowing for deeper organizational insights over time. 

Survey Development

Targeted surveys can be developed to track service recipient satisfaction, MDT member input, specific topics of interest, and outcomes measurement for both the state chapter and member CACs. 

  • State Chapter OMS 
  • CAC Membership OMS 
  • MDT Qualitative Survey 
  • Child/Caregiver Experience and Follow-up Survey 
  • Comprehensive Human Trafficking/High-Risk Youth Tracking and Reporting 
  • Special programs and topics as needed 

Organizational Assessment

This includes data collection and analysis to evaluate organizational culture, employee satisfaction, organizational capacity, staffing needs, and funding diversity/composition.  

Annual Report Development

This includes the development, design, and presentation of reports to the organization or other audiences as needed. Reports currently offered include the Community Needs & Resiliency Report. This report provides a high fidelity (County/Zip Code Level) state summary of CAC service areas across 28 factors. The Statewide OMS Report is a promotional report which highlights statewide satisfaction and service impact. This report utilizes a combination of quantitative data and  anonymized quotes from families and MDT members to demonstrate organizational value. County Factbooks utilize NCAtrak and similar management software to generate CAC level summaries of services, accreditation, and funding to be used as an at-a-glance reference for Directors. 

  • Community Needs & Resiliency Report 
  • Statewide OMS Report 
  • County Factbook 
  • Other Specialized Report as needed 

Infographics and Handouts

These materials can be used for stakeholder/community outreach, funding, legislative information, outlining chapter services to membership, intake information on the CAC model, informational resources, and other specific content as needed. 

Why the argus Initiative?

  • Simple, Accountable Fee                  
  • Expert, Hands-On Staff                
  • Direct Knowledge                
  • Proven Results & Products            
  • Flexible Implementation            
  • Needs Focused          
  • Benchmark Creation        
  • Collaboration Beyond Borders      
  • All-Inclusive Services    
  • Focused on Your Success  
  • No Learning Curve
  • Streamlined Operations


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Software Included

ONCAC has all software needed for the services above. There is no need to purchase or supply software. Software used includes Excel, IBM SPSS, Adobe InDesign, Canva Pro, SurveyMonkey,, Qualtrics XM, and R Project. 

Key Staff Contact

Seth W. Boughton, MSW, QMHP 
Director of Data & Innovative Techniques 
(Doctoral Student – University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign) 

Education and Professional Experience: Seth Boughton graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2008 with a BA in Psychology and completed his MSW degree in 2013. He is currently working on completing his PhD at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, School of Social Work with a focus on Innovative Human Trafficking Profiling, Intervention and Response Techniques. Prior to joining ONCAC on January, 16th 2018, he had worked as an on-call, on-site field mental health crisis professional – providing mental health screenings for youth presenting with suicidal/homicidal ideation and/or severe psychotic features. He has also served as a research intern for the National Children’s Alliance assisting in the development of their State-by-State, Regional, and National Census Reports. 

Data and Analytics: Seth is proficient in a number of statistical methods and software. His doctoral training focuses on descriptive statistics, longitudinal database construction, and predictive modeling. In conjunction with data projects and technical support with individual CACs; he also produces annual OMS Reports, County Factbooks, and Community Risk and Resiliency Reports. By utilizing large-scale data tools, ONCAC membership is empowered to chart a path forward that capitalizes on both field/practical wisdom and concrete data regarding best practices and community impact. 

Anti-Human Trafficking Training and Technical Assistance: Seth is highly focused and passionate regarding anti-trafficking efforts and the improvement of services for survivors of human trafficking. He has provided advanced trainings statewide and hosted the ONtarget Webinar Series twice, bringing together key innovators and practitioners in the field of Anti-Human Trafficking. His experience as a published anti-trafficking researcher and specialization in big-data analysis, in combination with his field experience as a crisis worker – including direct practice with youth survivors of human trafficking – inform his cooperative efforts to further expand services and build capacity within the Ohio CAC Network when identifying and working with child/youth survivors of human trafficking. 

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