Annual Report

ONCACs Annual Report documents the organization’s growth and achievements.

Some highlights from the 2018 Annual Report include:

  • Growth in funding streams, including Victims of Crime Act funding
  • Progress on our current three-year strategic plan, and where it will lead us in 2019 and beyond
  • Data demonstrating the value of CACs from more than 2000 caregivers and partners
  • An annual timeline of our common accomplishments
  • Stats, acknowledgements, messages from our leadership & more

Measuring Outcomes

Ohio’s Children’s Advocacy Centers provide children and families with healing and justice in a setting they can trust. We know they do because of more than 1400 survey responses we collect each year from caregivers and partners.

The Outcome Measurement System (OMS) helps CACs define their successes in serving children and families while helping them benchmark their progress against the work of a nationwide movement. This rich dataset demonstrates the value of the work CACs provide to children and families in Ohio and the success of the CAC model in the eyes of the partners that make it possible.

Annual CAC Statistics

Below you can find annual statistics for the number of children served by Ohio CACs in the past five years.

To learn more, both about the national and regional statistics please follow the link below:


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